The CMOS-based Symmetry detector does not need to use high pixel binning in order to attain high speed data collection. CCD technology requires the pattern resolution to be binned down to 40 x 30 pixels to achieve the fastest speed whereas with Symmetry, even at over 3000 pps, the pattern resolution is an impressive 156 x 128 pixels. This equates to 16 x more pixels than with the fastest CCD-based detectors.

In addition, for those applications needing exquisite pattern detail such as HR-EBSD, Symmetry delivers distortion-free 1244 x 1024 pixel diffraction patterns. This is truly one detector to fit all applications.

12 a
12 b

Diffraction patterns collected from a duplex steel sample with ∼10 nA beam current: left at 3000 pps, 156 x 128 resolution and right at 100 pps, 1244 x 1024 resolution