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EBSD Detector: Symmetry

EBSD – electron backscatter diffraction – is a powerful microanalysis technique that enables rigorous characterisation of the microstructural properties of crystalline materials. A high-performance EBSD detector is critical for the effectiveness of the technique, influencing both speed and data quality.

Symmetry is a revolutionary new EBSD detector from Oxford Instruments based on customised CMOS technology, providing unprecedented performance and ease of use:

  • Over 3000 indexed patterns per second (pps)
  • Up to 30x faster than existing CCD-based detectors
  • Extreme sensitivity for low current and low kV analyses
  • 1244 x 1024 pixel resolution, ideal for HR-EBSD applications
  • High resolution patterns at all speeds
  • Innovative design features for simple operation

Symmetry: one detector for all applications with no compromise.

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CMOS speed, CMOS sensitivity, no compromise

symmetry icons speed

CMOS Speed

Operating at over 3000 patterns per second, Symmetry is the world’s fastest EBSD detector. This step-change in performance delivers not only for routine applications, but also for large area mapping, 3D EBSD and in situ experiments.

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CMOS Sensitivity

With unparalleled sensitivity and dynamic range, Symmetry is ideal for even the most challenging applications, where low beam currents coupled with fast, high-resolution patterns are a necessity. Now there’s no compromise between speed and sensitivity.

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One detector fits all applications: features such as variable tilt, dynamic calibration, automated set-ups and seamless EDS integration ensure that everyone will get the right results every time.

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New Science

Symmetry is a game-changer. Its unprecedented all-round performance will open up exciting new developments in even the most exacting of applications.

Speed & Sensitivity

Symmetry CMOS v CCD: Speed

breakthrough technology

Breakthrough technology

CMOS-based cameras can be both fast and sensitive and are already making a significant impact in other technology fields. Symmetry incorporates a customised CMOS image sensor, optimised for EBSD. It enables a level of performance never achieved by any previous EBSD detector. Whether the focus is on speed or sensitivity, there is no need for compromise.

Symmetry CMOS v CCD: Applications

no compromise detector

The ‘one choice - no compromise’ detector

The unrivalled combination of speed and sensitivity of Symmetry ensures the best performance across a complete range of samples. High acquisition speeds can be achieved without any loss of data quality. Symmetry’s high sensitivity means that, even on more challenging samples such as complex oxides or thin films, an order of magnitude increase in acquisition speed may be achieved with the best possible data quality.

Product Videos

The story behind Symmetry

High resolution (HR) EBSP

High speed analysis of Ni

EBSD Application Notes using Symmetry

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